Monday, November 23, 2009

Placed in My Heart

My heart aches
I know not why
The Spirit speaks
I hear His cry
Souls lost
My Children scorned
His voice cries out for those yet born

I Love you
I Love you
I Love you child
Follow me and never die

His heart aches
For His lost
My heart aches for our loss

Fear not my child
what:'s lost is found
beneath the glory
of My crown

King of Kings
and Lord of Lords
I Am here within the thorns

Blessed be you chosen ones
Spread My word
for the time will come
When Heaven and Earth
will become but one

Grace and Mercy
I give my flock
Lay down your sins
upon My cross

For soon will come
The day you await
and I will meet you at
My gate

My arms are open
for those who are weary
death is gone
and life becomes living

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