Tuesday, October 20, 2009

THEY walk among us

Are you one of


Main Entry: 1them
Pronunciation: \(th)əm, ˈthem, after p, b, v, f, also əm\
Function: pronoun
Date: bef 12th century objective case of they
1 : they 1 —used as object of a verb or preposition 2 : those —used especially as antecedent to a relative pronoun —used as the subject of a verb chiefly in nonstandard speech and for humorous effect (them is fighting words)

Well Ladies It 's a fact I think very strange things and this is one of them there times.

A Lady is walking through cosmetics and says to me

"I just posted a letter to England and it cost me $1.69. In 1969 when I moved here it didn't cost that much. Can you believe that? What is this world coming to?

To which I replied I think it's kind of amazing that you can communicate with another person half way across the world for only $1.69

Wrong answer Maureen

with a disgusted look on her face she said this

"Oh you are one of THEM"
which got me thinking
What Does That Mean?

Is there a group somewhere I haven't heard of?

How many thems make up a They?

eg: You know what "they" say?

No! No I don't. Who are they? better yet who decided that "They" were right?

Where are these people?

What do "They" look like?

Do "they" lurk among us disguised as regular folk?

All I know is I am now apparently one of "Them"
And initiation consisted of an observation
I am now a part of a secret society!

Do "they" have meetings?

Will I ever be privy to the secret handshake?

This is different from the other thems
because we all know the
The Group thems
As they are recognizable by their cause
and you know this because people call them "Those"
Oh you're one of those
Tree Huggers
those Jesus freaks (heard that more than once)
those Right for Lifers
It's the other thems that have me baffled
so to be safe
I best not think about this anymore
because you know what "THEY" say
"If you think to much your head will explode"

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