Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Months Later.... Angelina Update

Oh My How the Lord is Sooooo Good.

This is an update on Angelina.

Angelina is my second cousin she was born April 11th 2008 only 24 weeks and 6 days into moms pregnancy.

You may remember my post for prayers for her.

At 59 days old she required heart surgery as she had chronic lung disease. The surgery was to help her breathe properly without a ventilator.

She managed to get off the vent but has another breathing aparatus.

In the past 10 months of her life she spent 138 days in hospital.

The surgery for some reason has damaged her little vocal cords so she just makes little squeaks but we are praying into that.

I believe one day she will be able to speak as well as you and I.

My feeling is this child will have lots to say when she grows up.

Angelina weighs a whopping 14lbs now and as you can see by her smile she is truly being taken care of by our Father.

What a little doll.

Our God is an awsome God

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