Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Sickness And In Health

I"m not healthy and he is just plain sick.
Now that's the true meaning of In sickness and in health in my home.
Awww the test of almost 26 years of marriage.
As you all know I have had surgery so needless to say I am not feeling up to par.
My stomach has been cut from hip to hip and that beautiful man that I am standing with enjoys making me laugh and cry at the same time.
Seriously though I never thought the day would come when my husband would have to shower me,dress me and help me up on the doctors table during an appointment.
When I sleep I feel his presence over me and he gently feels my forehead to check if I'm ok.
There have been moments of total humiliation and yet he never says a word and just loves me.
However in between these moments his humour comes out.
Examples of this:
Once I woke up and there he was and he looked at me and said just checkin to see if you were breathing.
And you still are guess I don't get my couch back anytime soon.
At one point I was starting to get spasms in my legs so he decided to get me some heat packs and rub my calves. How sweet Right!
In the midst of it he says to me where's Lizzie? (our cat) to which I replied outside suddenly he jumps up and says Good Lord is that your legs! I thought the cat was under the blankets.
and then promptly handed me the pillow to place over my stomach while I laughed till my stomach couldn't take it anymore.
Can you feel the Love?
I could cause that's my man.
They say laughter is the best medicine and when he gets me going till tears run down my face he looks at me and says no pain no gain.
I swear some days he is trying to kill me with humour and I suspect as I am still pondering the true meaning of In sickness and in health he has moved on to Till Death do us Part.
But I am truly Blessed with a wonderful caring funny man and I praise God daily for choosing Steve before I did to be my husband.
In our Sickness of mind and in Health of our bodies.
Until Death Do Us part

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