Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fom A to D

Do you remember when you had your first A+

How excited your mother was. She walked around proud and told all her friends.

Didn't you hate that?

Then came the B, notice she didn't brag as much

With a C came worry as we were getting older

But I am here to say that today I received my first D

This is something I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime.

The course I was taking

New Bra shopping 101.

Oh to be a B student again.

But the funny thing was the lady in the store asked me if I attended Desert Stream?

She attended our church before and said she thought she had seen me and then she said

"I didn't know you were a Christian" with a surprised look on her face.

To which I replied Yes I am and my cup runneth over do you think you can help me?

But the best part was (after she stopped laughing) she replied


I have attached a picture to what I believe she saw through her eyes when I walked into the store. Funny how we as Christians are percieved differently.When people know we are Christians.
We are definately not supposed to be funny and then to wear a D cup that's just being Blasphemus.

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