Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joyful Joyful... Thinking Of My Mom

Well these past 10 days have been a really freeing experience for me.
It's taken many a year but I learned 10 days ago there was a difference between forgiveness and holding on to offense.
Praise God the two finally connected.
I have done both.
I should be posting the video Thick as a Brick hahaha
However my heart is so filled with Joy in the Lord.
His timing is always perfect and should not be questioned.
Learned that one too.
Anyway sitting here enjoying some worship music and it hit me really hard that I wish I could share this moment of revelation with my mother.
Heart feeling a tad heavy and once again the Lord placed this one word in my head.
and it hit me Sister Act.
My mother loved these movies and I swear she thought she was Whoopie.
Well she is now, in the presence of the Lord.
Pat and Jeremy I know you are picturing this and giggling like we always did.
I bet you're both in an uproar :-)

So God and Mom
This ones for you.
Thanks for giving me Joy.
You Go Girl!

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