Friday, November 27, 2009

Leviticus 19:18

Do not take revenge or bear a grudge against members of your community,but love your neighbour as yourself;I am the Lord.

Isn't this a hard lesson to apply on crummy days.
When friends are scorned
When lies are spread
or in my case
When somebody smokes my car in the parking lot and doesn't leave a note or report it to mall security.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I finished a long day at work and walked through the rain and discovered this.
God knew what was coming next
Then He knew I would  ask for forgiveness for my cursed words against another.
He also extended His grace for several hours (this morning) until I came to the place in my heart that said let it go.
It's hard to take revenge against another human being who has not only damaged your possesion but also put you in a financial situation where you feel there is no good outcome
But I am hear to say you can take revenge
The revenge is in your heart and through your words of cursing this person to have a lousy day or wish the same would happen to them.
In the end the curse is upon yourself for disrespecting your Father and His commands.The curse is anger in your heart that opens the gate for Satan and his little imps to wreak havoc on the playground.
As I  spewed cruels words and wishes, my heart began to ache ,my throat closed up and became like razor blades,my head exploded into a migraine and sleep was not my friend.
I have allowed myself to be vunerable to attack.
I am home today when I shouldn't be
I am sick
when I was perfectly fine yesterday up until I noticed my car and began to speak "ill" will against another.
I think not.......
Why you ask
because I rarely get sick and of late I have been sick twice within two months
the common denominator was
both times I was well and after speaking unkind words and allowing my heart to be extremely offended, standing on what I deemed as my right to be this unforgiving. When I dwelled in my anger, not wanting to ask for forgiveness
I became sick.
I am not saying God made me sick to show me the way
I am saying I allowed myself to be open to the fleshly ways of man and showed the world the chink in my armour that left me vulnerable to sickness
Of Body
Of Mind
Of Heart
It is God that has allowed me to be open to His voice that says
Trust in Me
I will take care of you
and heal you of all your needs.

I love it when God gently reminds us of lessons we know but then shows us not only the general principle of the lesson but the deeper meaning within.

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