Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Gilbey Christmas

We are a strange family
and adapt to all moods
Steve doesn't like Christmas anymore
"Too Stressful,It's for the kids and we're not kids anymore"
Bahhh Humbug
Funny considering he loves Christmas music.
Dave is getting older(21) and has embraced the families quirky ways adding a touch of his own humour
He asked for a pony and nothing else
and I
Well I like Christmas
and with bearing all this in mind
I got my tree and humourously indulged my husbands mood
and Dave will discover perhaps a Pink or Blue
My Little Pony come Christmas Morn
to top this all off we have decided to
BBQ T-bone steaks this year
as we relax and enjoy
the simplicity that Christmas brings the Gilbey Family
on this Blessed day

Feel free to laugh cause we are having a hoot
I just love our Family humour
Yes the tree is Black

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