Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas The Night of Christmas

Twas The night of Christmas and all through my house
not a creature was stirring

Not even my spouse

Football was on TV I can not relate
so off to the kitchen to wash my new plates

A quiet evening I look to enjoy
Then who should appear but my youngest of boys

A Friend by his side a beer in their hands
upstairs they did go clanking their cans

The quiet resumes
then suddenly a clatter
I roll my eyes and go see what's the matter

The gift bags are ripped by are silly old cat
who decided to lie down for her long winter nap

I  in my jammies
been in them all day

I'm ready for bed
but first I must pray
Thank you Father
and Happy Birthday

I am thankful for today it brings such delight
Merry Christmas to all
and to all a Good Night

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Dinner..... Yummy
Daughters Baking.........Divine
Watching your Grandchildren's faces as they open Presents...........Exciting
Getting them wound up......Our Job
Gathered around listening to your grandaughter read The Night before Christmas...Tearful
Watching my Daughter and Husband Trying to get them to bed.......Funny
The Families gift to us......Priceless

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